Juin 10 2022


4:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Communication Training: Module I – Aviation & Climate Justice

The training has five modules. You should at least participate in Module 1 and 5and another one of your choosing. However, we very much encourage and recommend you to participate in all additional modules to get the full picture.

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Module I – Aviation & Climate Justice
In th
is module you will learn about why reducing aviation is such an important part of campaigning for climate justice. You will have the facts, numbers and arguments you need to reach out on the urgency to reduce flights and stay grounded. Based on our report “Common Destination”, an important part of that module is also to reflect on HOW we talk about reducing air traffic and to counter the narratives of the aviation industry effectively.

All slots for the first round of the international training are filled. We might start another round in Autumn, if you are interested in joining please write an email to and you will get an info-mail in case the application process reopens.