Sep 14 2023


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Webinar: Aviation and Subsidies in the EU

Join Umanotera and Stay Grounded for our joint webinar on Aviation and Subsidies in the EU, to explore together existing aviation subsidies and how to tackle them!

Aviation growth needs to be limited and reversed in order to avoid climate breakdown. Besides caps and limits, a common way to influence aviation (de)growth is via economic (dis)incentives. For decades aviation growth has been fuelled by various direct and indirect subsidies, including the whole chain from aircraft R&D and manufacture to airports, airlines, and air travel.

In this webinar we will give a conceptual overview of subsidies for the aviation sector, will discuss EU-level subsidies, and then dive into national-level subsidies in this field and discuss strategies on how to address and remove them. Special attention will be given to subsidies in Central and Eastern European countries, since the webinar will be co-organised with several NGOs from CEE who collaborate on the project ‘Towards a climate neutral EU: efficient allocation of EU funds‘.

Provisional agenda:

  1. Introduction from Stay Grounded and Umanotera – 10 min
  2. Overview: subsidies in aviation – European level – 10 min
  3. Overview: subsidies in aviation – National level – 10 min
  4. Aviation and EU funding – Examples from Central and Eastern European countries – 20 min
  5. Moderated discussion: National contexts and strategies to reduce and abolish aviation subsidies – 40 min


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