Stay Grounded Turtles Election 2022

Please indicate your choice for every Turtles candidate!

Explanation of options (following our network structure and protocols):

      • Agree: I like the proposal (candidate) or I don‘t have anything against it
      • Concerns: I have a concern but in general agree with the proposal. Or, I have a strong concern the group should discuss
      • Veto: I cannot live with this proposal, if it was implemented I would not like to remain part of the network. The veto has to be explained. Please use carefully!
      • Stand aside: I don’t like the proposal and therefore won’t take part in carrying it out, so I lodge my concerns and don’t block the decision making)
      • Abstain: I don‘t know or I don‘t care or I‘m new to this group and shouldn‘t take this decision

Stay Grounded Turtles Election December 2022

  • Reclaim the Power, UK
  • CPOOEM, Mexico
  • Individual member, Alaska, USA
  • Rising Tide UK, United Kingdom
  • Individual member, Nepal