Guides towards a Grounded Organisation 

Air travel often accounts for a large proportion of an organisation’s climate impact.

Many organisations that want to mitigate global warming realise that they must question their fundamental modes of business travel. At the same time there are often just a few people within a university,  organisation or company who see the urgent need for grounding business travel. They often face obstacles and don’t know where and how to start organisational change.

Do you want to ground your organisation?

Then have a look at our new guides!

Campaign Toolkit to start a Bottom-Up Initiative for Grounded Travel

The first guide is a campaign toolkit by Explane and can help you to raise awareness in your university or in other types of bigger organisations.
You are a student or staff member and want to reduce your university’s emissions by addressing air travel? Then “Explane” your university and start your own group by following our step-by-step toolkit.
If you need any advice or financial support or have questions or comments please get in touch via

Nine Concrete Steps towards a Climate Friendly Travel Policy

The second guide shows you  9 concrete steps that your organisation can take to establish a grounded travel policy.

Most of the steps can be implemented either bottom-up or top-down. So no matter whether you have a leading position in your institution or whether you just started a new initiative on this topic (see campaign toolkit) – have a look at this guide and nail things down to a concrete, effective and long-lasting policy.

Academic and research institutions are the focus in this guide, but similar measures could also be applied at NGOs or various types of companies. And don’t forget to fill in our survey and join the community of institutions with progressive travel policies.

Go virtual!

You are wondering how to organise online meetings and conferences effectively, so that business air travel becomes less necessary? Then have a look at our guide “Skip the Plane, Meet Online!”

Carbon Calulator Guide

This guide gives you an overview of online carbon calculators that can be useful for your organisation to analyse its carbon emissions caused by aviation.

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